The Most Complete FTO Software on the Market

Law Enforcement Field Training Software for the 21st Century | This is the Next Generation of Recruit Management Software™

The Most Complete FTO Software on the Market

Law Enforcement Field Training Software for the 21st Century | This is the Next Generation of Recruit Management Software™

Intuitively Simply.

Powerfully Insightful.

Simplify Workflows

Poor design leads to weak data. If your current solution makes it hard to find information or is challenging to navigate, then how much are you really getting out of it? We designed our software to be intuitive and put relevant information in front of you when you need it. Stop needlessly spending time and effort trying to document recruit performance. Spend more time in the field, training your recruits to become exceptional solo officers.

Isolate & Resolve Issues

There is a lot of moving parts in the field training process. Problems can be missed and often overlooked. We designed smart data collection algorithms to recognize specific training issues on the fly. This gives your agency the ability to turn that data into an actionable training plan and the capacity to share notes across your entire training division. But, when necessary, we give you the information needed to make that essential retention decision.

Streamline Administration

Agency administrators and training coordinators have a lot on their plates. We know day-to-day operations take priority. It can be challenging to stay up to date on the progress of your recruits. Our FTO software allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your training program. Access information quickly, take action from one place, and eliminate the continuous navigation through multiple pages and windows to complete your work.

“We believe your software should complement your training objectives, not slow them down. We give you powerful tools to track your recruit’s performance, develop meaningful training plans, and backup retention decisions.”

– Travis Nicholson, Police Officer, Co-Founder & COO

  • Built for Field Training Officers

FTEO and PTO Applications

  • Daily Observation Reports
  • Weekly Evaluation Reports
  • Supervisor Reports
  • End of Phase Report
  • Recruit / FTO Feedback 
  • Complete Analytics
  • + More
  • Daily Journal
  • Coaching & Training Reports
  • Problem Base Learning Exercise
  • Neighborhood Profile Exercise
  • Recruit / FTO Feedback
  • Complete Back-End Analytics
  • + More
  • Intelligent Data Aggregation

Access Relevant Data Fast

As a training coordinator or FTO, you understand the struggle of getting information. Thumbing through file cabinets or trying to understand the facts from another coach, relevant details are often hard to come by. Our FTO software puts everthing from the training day, week, and phase into one place. You can access reports fast and quickly identify areas of strength and weakness. Our software provides your agency with valuable insight into how your recruits are performing and learning.

Recruit Management Platform Core Functionality

  • Night Mode

    Easily switch to Night Mode to maintain officer safety in low light.​

  • save reporting time

    Reduce report writing time by accessing relevant information intelligently and quickly.


    Give your FTOs valuable feedback, track their performance and let them to become better trainers.

  • recruit roll-up

    Export reports & recruit’s complete training in one easy to manage PDF.


    Upload and attach common file-types to reports to support documentation.

  • Device Agnostic

    Our platform is adaptable for any web-enabled device in the department.

  • Customize Approval Flow

    Customize who needs to approve a report and when.

  • Active Error Detection

    Ensure reports are submitted with the proper information. Get notification when reprots are rejected.

  • Required Documentation

    Ensure FTOs document performance when specific scores are given.

  • Quickly & Easily Search

    Gain insights into recruit & FTO performance using filters and smart relevance matching.

  • Single App Workflow

    Eliminate transcription and constant window switching; all your data is on one screen.

  • Powerful analytics

    Backup employee retention decisions with powerful & intuitive recruit analytics.

  • Remedial Training

    Track remedial training and gain insight into training needs. Strategically develop customized training plans.

  • email notification

    Each user is notified when it's their time to review and sign.

  • Advanced data protection

    Protect data with role-based access, 256-bit encryption & industry leading security protocols.

Plus Much More...

With 150+ changeable fields, data points and components, your agency can choose how you want your data collected, accessed, and shared.

Give Your Officers the Tools They Need to Succeed ​

  • Recruits Front and Center

Our FTEP & PTO Software helps your agency collect relevant data about your recruit’s performance. Then, it gives you the ability to turn those insights into meaningful action. With a holistic view of your recruit training schedule, you can learn what works and what doesn’t work all from one place.

  • Train More Efficiently

See what’s working and what isn’t with performance reports. Drill down into training objectives. Access past performance data quickly. Put all your report information in one place. And, get personalized recommendations and data-driven insights from a platform that gets smarter along the way.

  • Security Built In

We take your agency’s data protection seriously. We’re proud to exceed the industry standard when it comes to guarding that data. We deploy our software on the leading platform in cloud computing technology, the AWS GovCloud. We provide unmatched security with CJIS compliance, and we maintain 99.99% up-time.

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