Secure Field Training Software, by Design!

Welcome to the next generation in security standards. We designed our applications to separate and protect sensitive data. We built our software on a secure, encrypted cloud-based platform. That meets or exceeds CJIS, FBI, and the US Department of Defense security standards.

Secure Sensitive Data

We encrypt data in transit and at rest with AES-256-bit encryption. The people who access your agency’s data are on US soil and pass a rigid screening process.

Tracwire Security Protocol

Our Field Training Software meets CJIS & FedRAMP security requirements and standards. We control the software from development to deployment.

Automatic Backup

We redundantly backed up your data in two US regions, the east coast and the west coast. Your data is always safe and protected against loss.

Tracwire and the AWS GovCloud
Secure from End to End!

Many public safety software providers call themselves cloud providers. Tracwire is recognized as a vendor within the AWS Public Safety Competency. And, Tracwire is the only Field Training Sofware platform built on AWS GovCloud, and not migrated from an on-premise solution.

Security is Priority One

Tracwire is the first to offer an integrated software platform built on authentic multi-tenant cloud architecture in the industry-leading AWS GovCloud. This means FBI CJIS competent data storage and sharing, regular software upgrades with zero downtime, and predictable annual subscription pricing.

Tracwire and the AWS GovCloud

Tracwire is designed to keep your agency at the forefront of each advance in public safety technology. Tracwire is a cloud-native, seamless, and extensive platform that gives your agency a foundation for the future. Tracwire built the world’s most effectively secure Field Training Software so you can focus on a more essential matter, training great recruits.

FTO Software - Tracwire Shield Logo

We take your agency’s data security seriously. We exceed the industry standards in protecting that information. From day one, shielding your records was our priority one.”

– Shawn Lehner,  Chief Technology Officer

The Most Advanced Security Protocols
on the Most Secure Field Training Software

AWS provides the building blocks that public safety agencies and their application partners need. Now, Tracwire can utilize this platform to build highly available, resilient, and secure applications in alignment with the US Government Security Policy.


CJIS Security Policy Compliance

Amazon Web Services (AWS) empowers customers to encrypt their criminal justice data in AWS GovCloud (US) employing FIPS 140-2 validated encryption in-transit services and FIPS-197 compliant encryption for data at-rest.


Impact Level 2, 4, 5, & 6 Compliance

AWS has been assessed and approved as a cloud service provider for the US East and US West Regions at Impact Level 2, AWS GovCloud (US) at Impact Levels 4 and 5, and the AWS Secret Region at Impact Level 6 in compliance with DoD standards.



Cloud computing plays a key part in how the federal government can achieve operational efficiencies and innovate on demand to advance its mission across the nation. That is why many federal agencies today are using AWS cloud services to process their data.

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