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The quality of your agency’s Field Training (FTO) Program will decide the type of officers you’ll produce. Thousands of public safety professionals use Tracwire’s comprehensive and fully automated Field Training software to manage recruit performance and expectations.

Tracwire FTEP Model

The San Jose Police Department’s Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) is the standard across the United States in public safety field training. Tracwire has built a platform that allows you to leverage the power of FTEP in training your recruits.

Tracwire PTO Model

The Reno Police Department’s Police Officer Training (PTO) program develops critical thinking and problem-solving. Tracwire’s Field Training Software gives you the ability to focus on adult learning methods. We also offer a hybrid version of this program.

An Innovative Vision, New Energy, a New Mission

How law enforcement operates in the United States has shifted, but software developers haven’t. We started from scratch. Talked to agencies across the country and developed a more innovative way of training recruits. Over the years, it’s been battle tested and has come out shining on the other side. See what Tracwire can do for your agency and how our field training software can help forge well-rounded recruits.

Why Tracwire?

In today’s public safety environment, your agency’s training, or the lack thereof, is the single highest liability you face. The quality of your training standards begins with your FTO Program, and that Field Training Program dramatically impacts the type of officers you’ll produce.


Your agency may have a high-quality field training program with incredible Filed Training Officers, but does your program wholly and accurately document the type and quantity of training your recruits receive? Or track their exposure to the many types of calls handled during their training? Tracwire’s Law Enforcement Recruit Management Software is a complete field training software program that monitors on-the-job performance during the field training process and probationary period.


Tracwire’s field training software documents and tracks the field training of police officers, sheriff deputies, corrections officers, community service officers, communications officers/dispatchers, and Emergency Medical Technicians. Tracwire modeled our web-based field training software after the San Jose FTEP program, a proven system that most law enforcement agencies currently use throughout the United States. The Reno PTO model is also available in its pure form or hybrid version.


Tracwire is web-based, accessible from the MDC or anywhere you have a connection. We’re a company built by police officers and field training officers who understand what today’s law enforcement needs. Our software is mobile-friendly, fully customizable, completely paperless, and offers a wide range of training forms and reports used by most law enforcement and first responder agencies.


Tracwire isn’t the first to build FTO software, but we are the first to do it better. Thousands of law enforcement professionals throughout the United States use Tracwire’s field training software. Request a demo to learn more.

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Secure Field Training Software,
End to End

We’ve built software that is the next generation in security standards. We designed our applications to isolate and protect sensitive data and deployed it on a secure, encrypted cloud-based platform. The Tracwire FTO software meets or exceeds CJIS, FBI, and the US Department of Defense security standards. So the bottom line is that your information is secure end to end.

FTO Software Trusted Across the County

Hundreds of agencies and thousands of law enforcement professionals throughout the United States have discovered what intelligent software can do for their field training programs. We’ve designed every screen, every button, and every field to give you the freedom to focus on what’s important, the development of your new officers. Finish your training reports faster, so your recruit can spend more time in the field getting the valuable knowledge that only experience can give them.

Proud to Serve Those Who Serve Us Everyday!

Our roots are in law enforcement. But, we know proper training is vital for every agency. Because you deliver to your community with dedication and quality, let us help you with that same resolve. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-responder or critical support. Our software can meet your needs.

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