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Elevate your field training program with the most advanced Field Training Software available.

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Improve your training program with our innovative Field Training Software. Our cutting-edge software uses powerful analytics to give you a complete understanding of your recruits’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as their training requirements. By utilizing data like never before, our Field Training Software streamlines your field training process and boosts the overall quality of your police training program. To see for yourself how our software can benefit your agency, request a demo today.

"Tracwire is very user friendly and reliable. Their team is awesome to work with. Thank you for everything"
Training Sergeant
Salem Police Department
"I find the software to be exceptionally clean and user-friendly. The analytics it provides are particularly useful in identifying areas for improvement in both recruits and field training officers."
Training Lieutenant
DeKalb County Police Department
"Coaches like the accessibility and options it provides. As a supervisor, everything is at my fingertips. It saves time and has made the documentation process and retrieval of information so much easier than our old program. I would definitely recomend this software."
Training Sergeant
Gresham Police Department
"I enjoy the simplistic format and ease of use. The analytics are incredibly beneficial. We looked at other training software. This, by far, is the best we've seen."
Patrol Commander
Yuma Police Department
"The Tracwire software has brought our agency into the 21st century. The ease of use and capabilities are astounding. Everything is at your fingertips. "
Training Sergeant
Thomasville Police Department
"Very user friendly with a design that "cops" can feel comfortable with. In other words, it doesn't look like a computer program. Getting away from paper binders and moving to Tracwire for tracking our FTO training was by far the right decision. "
Patrol Division Commander
McLean County Sheriff's Office
"Simplicity on the recruits and coaches end. It is easy to navigate compared to similar products and familiar to coaches who had been around a while. "
Field Training Officer
Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
"Tracwire has streamlined our training program. The instant access to training records has been key while the analytics have helped us hone in on aspects of our program which need improvement."
Field Training Coordinator
Conroe ISD Police Department
"I came from the take notes on paper then put it into a word template. Your software takes one of those steps out. It also cuts down the time to complete a DOR by at least half. DORs aren't the biggest headache of FTO'ing anymore."
Field Training Officer
Albany (NY) Police Department
"All of my coaches loves this program! The ease of use, accurate event tracking and analytics, but most importantly it's reduced writing time by sixty to seventy percent; leaving more time to train."
Training Coordinator
Lodi Police Department
"Tracwire's software has made tracking trainee's progression much easier. Coaches appreciate the time savings they are experiencing. Trainee's have positive feedback as they are more control over their performance. "
Communications Director
Astoria Police Department
"I liked the modern interface, the availability of the many different features and the customization available."
Training Sergeant
Knoxville Police Department
"At first our FTOs were upset over another step, now they're excited about it. Now they have more time to spend with their recruits, and the DORs, frankly, are taking about half the time."
Training Sergeant
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
"As an FTO of many years, This program has been the most intuitive for software I've ever used. A new coach can hit the ground running quickly with this program with little direction. Tracking DOR's is easy and and access to the SEG's make grading a breeze."
Training Sergeant
Knoxville Police Department
"From an administrative standpoint it's beneficial to see how new hires are progressing. Tracwire ensures that the content of the reports are timely enough to be relevant rather than yesterdays news three days from now."
DeSoto County Sheriff's Office
"It allows our FTOs to streamline the process of the evaulation process. FTOs are able to handle calls, debrief, then in a time efficient manner add the notes of the incident into the program from our MDC in our squad cars to the rolling logs and DOR information. I feel like this is providing more accurate and timely feedback across the board for our FTOs and recruits."
Deputy Sheriff
Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
"We enjoy the simplicity of the program and the amount of time it saves our FTO's and Recruits, all while maintaining our training programs integrity. "
Training Sergeant
Coos Bay Police Department
The user-friendly software program can be learned and adapted very quickly by each user; This is a major plus! The Tracwire Support Staff works with each agency to ensure updates or specific build requests are met with the highest regard. A solid choice for an agency as well as affordable in scale."
Training Sergeant
St. Helens Police Department
"Near perfect program. It's easy to access to rolling logs which make it easy to write DORs, and identifies weaknesses and strengths - which reduces end of phase evals. The statistical tracking is great, too. On the supervisor side, ease of assigning recruits to coaches, tracking who is where, available, or not available."
Training Coordinator
Lodi Police Department
"The software provides an easy to read documentation of a new off icersprogress. It allows for diff erent levels of approval so from the probationaryoff icer all the way to the chief can follow the progress of people in training. Itcreates a transparency throughout the training progress."
Training Sergeant
Burnsville Police Department
"The software is very clean and easy to navigate. It's been an amazing tool for our department."
Training Lieutenant
Yuma Police Department

Manage Your Entire Field Training Program in One Workspace.

Effortlessly plan, track, and maximize your recruit’s training from a single, convenient platform. No longer a challenge, automate repetitive tasks quickly to minimize human error, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important: training. This centralized approach simplifies management and enhances efficiency and effectiveness in your field training program.

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We’re not developers who decided to build public safety software. We’re law enforcement professionals who decided to build software for our public safety brothers and sisters. We walk the walk and understand what we in this profession need. That’s why we call it…
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As a public safety software company, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives faster and more efficiently. Our advanced platform is designed to train your recruits smarter and more effectively, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. We provide you with deep insights and analytics, empowering you to elevate your service to your community to the next level. Our software streamlines processes, enhances decision-making, and optimizes resource allocation, ensuring that you can focus on the most critical aspects of public safety.

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Our applications have been meticulously designed to segregate and safeguard sensitive information. The Tracwire platform has been developed strictly to the highest security protocols, meeting or surpassing the rigorous standards of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the United States Department of Defense. Our commitment to security is reflected in every layer of our software architecture, from data storage to data transmission, ensuring that all information is handled with the highest confidentiality and integrity.

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