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Why the Field Training Process Exists

The gap between philosophical situations and the real world is vast. This disconnect is why the field training program exists. … Read More

Gresham Police Make the Move to Tracwire’s RMS

Portland, Oregon – Tracwire, Inc., a leading cloud-based public safety software provider, announced today that the Gresham Police Department (GPD) has agreed to replace its PTO solution with Tracwire’s Recruit Management Software (RMS). Previously using Crown Pointe Technology’s legacy software, the … Read More

Thom Dworak - The Adaptive Way

Tracwire & The Adaptive Way team-up.

“We are thrilled to work closely with companies that are at the forefront of modern recruit training,” … Read More

Government in the Cloud: Key Advantages for Your Agency

Why it’s time to embrace the idea of computing in the cloud. In the public sector, cloud computing is no longer new or novel. It’s a reality that surrounds us every day. Many studies have shown both public and private … Read More

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Chooses Tracwire’s Recruit Management Platform for their FTO Software Solution

Tracwire, Inc. will provide its modern Recruit Management Platform for Patrol, Corrections & Facility Security Services for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office … Read More

Tracwire, Inc. announces the release of its new Recruit Management Software™

“We set out to design smarter software. We utilized design thinking to build our Recruit Management Platform, and wanted it to be both simple and insightful; we’ve accomplished that.” … Read More