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"We are thrilled to work closely with companies that are at the forefront of modern recruit training,"


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Press Release –

Portland, Oregon – Tracwire, Inc., an FTEP and PTO software company based in Portland, Oregon, is proud to announce a partnership with the Adaptive Way and Adaptive FTO. “The face of law enforcement is changing, and the way we train our new officers needs to adapt as well,” said Brian Willard, Co-founder, CEO, and a veteran police officer. 

The Adaptive FTO is an evidence-based program that focuses on emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and problem-solving while adhering to a modern theory of adult learning. The Adaptive FTO was developed through years of practical experience in training new police officers by utilizing research-based programming, including Cognitive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Decision-making & Critical Thinking, Training Philosophy, and Adaptive Leadership.

Thom Dworak, founder of the Adaptive Way, is a retired Sergeant (31 years) from a suburban Chicago police department where he was the Field Training and Evaluation Program Coordinator and the Lead Defensive Tactics & Use of Force Instructor. 

“We are thrilled to work closely with companies that are at the forefront of modern recruit training,” said Brian Willard, “and The Adaptive Way is one of those companies.” For more information on The Adaptive Way, head over to their website. 


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The Adaptive Way
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