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Maximize the potential of your Fire and EMS employees with Tracwire, an intuitive field training software that promotes positive culture and streamlines operations. Prepare your team for the challenging day ahead and decrease turnover with ease. Discover how Tracwire can revolutionize your Fire and EMS field training program today.

Complete Control of Your Data

Our user-friendly software is designed to make it easy to access data. With its modern and intuitive design, understanding your recruit’s performance has never been more clear.

Operational Intelligence in Real-Time

Tracwire’s analytics allow you to understand the large amount of data your agency generates daily. Whether it’s hiring statistics, demographics, or agency performance metrics, we offer the insights you need to boost your field training program and make informed decisions about retention. Our Law Enforcement Field Training Software lets you enhance your training and drive your agency forward.

Tomorrow’s Technology for Today's Challenges

We’ve developed a cloud-based platform for public safety that keeps you on top of everything effortlessly. With real-time updates, zero downtime, and cutting-edge tools, you can get in front of potential problems and always be ahead of the game. We take security and compliance seriously, from development to deployment we control everything, you can trust that your data is safe with us.

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