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Getting Started with Tracwire

Our Field Training Software is a Comprehensive Recruit Management Solution!

Recruit management doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Learn how Tracwire can help you transform the way your agency manages its information. Through simple design, intuitive and responsive data collection, and powerful analytics. We’ll provide tips for managing your agency’s data, documenting and reviewing your reports, and more. Let’s get started.

"When we have new officers join our department, this is the kind of software they hope for and expect."

- Training Sergeant
"We looked at several other training software, this, by far, is the best we've seen. We really like this program and how user friendly it is."

- Training Lieutenant
"I love this program, it's so much easier to monitor my recruits."

- Training Sergeant
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
"I have been using the Tracwire system for several days now and can’t tell you enough how much better it is than our previous system. I love it."

- Police Officer
Gresham Police Department
"We finally have a system that makes it easy to be an FTO, it's a breath of fresh air."

- Police Officer & FTO
Oregon City Police Department

Intuitively Simple. Powerfully Insightful.

Intuitively Simple. Powerfully Insightful.

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