Reno Model Hybrid
Police Training Officer

This is the Police Training Officer (PTO) model with a twist. Also known as the Reno Model, it was first designed by the Reno Police Department. But this is more than PTO software; this is a complete recruit management solution that allows you to track analytics like the FTEP training model. Here, you get the best of both worlds.

All the Tools Your PTOs Need!

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The Reno Police Training Officer model is growing in acceptance. Our software includes all PTO reports. We offer a hybrid option as well; for agencies looking to take advantage of recruit scoring metrics.

tracwire screen layout

Tracwire and the PTO Model

We designed every screen, every button, and every field to let you focus on what’s important, the development of recruits. Get reports done fast, without spending hours in the office or paying out more over time. Maximize your recruit’s potential and stop spending all that time on endless paperwork. Make the best decision for your agency and your community, and ensure your recruits perform at their best.

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In the time it takes to write field training reports

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In the time spent in the field, training recruits.

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In the time spent needlessly searching for and recording recruit performance data. 


Intelligent Data Aggregation


Field Training Software that gives you performance data from all phases of training. Helps you identify areas of strength and weakness. Give you tools designed to remove subjectiveness and take the guesswork out of the equation. You get an accurate, clear vision of how your recruits are performing.

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“We believe software should balance with your training objectives. We give you powerful tools to record recruit performance. So you can develop an exact training plan. And, if needed, defend employment decisions.”

– Travis Nicholson,  Police Officer, Co-Founder & COO

Everything At Your Fingertips

Stop looking through file after file, report after report. Find answers about your recruit in one place. Our FTO Software helps you find information fast. And makes recruit data more accessible.

Field Training & Evaluation (FTEP) Software Core Functionality

Simple Design

We designed it to be easy to use, and when software is easy to use, it will promote consistent use.

Night Mode

Easily switch to Night Mode, which changes the software color scheme to maintain officer safety in low light conditions.​

Knowledge Testing

Create tests and quizzes and push your recruit’s proficiency in crucial knowledge categories. Use testing analytics to drive your recruit’s training on an individual level.

Powerful Analytics

Our software allows you to back up your employee retention decisions with powerful & intuitive recruit analytics. Dive deeper into division performance and demographic.

Single App Interface

The management of your training program is simple. Take action from one place and access relevant information fast.

Custom Approval Sequences

You can customize who needs to approve a report and when they need to approve it for each agency.

Recruit Feedback

Gain valuable feedback from your recruits and monitor the overall health of your training program.

Action Required Notification​

When it’s time to sign a report, the software notifies each user in-app and via email. Never again deal with reports not being signed.

Strong Data Protection​

With role-based access, 256-bit encryption & industry-leading security protocols, your data is safe and secure.

Fast Reporting

Tracwire gives you the tools to document recruit performance much faster; allowing you to spend more time in the field, training. 

Plus Much, Much More...

With 300+ changeable fields, data points and components, your agency can choose how you want your data collected, accessed, and shared.

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