"We set out to design smarter software. We utilized design thinking to build our Recruit Management Platform, and wanted it to be both simple and insightful; we've accomplished that."

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Portland, Oregon – Tracwire, Inc., a software company based in Portland, Oregon, has just released the first version of its cloud-based, field training software for law enforcement, a robust and extensive software they’re calling their Recruit Management Software™. “We developed this software for law enforcement agencies, telecommunications, corrections on a federal, state and local level,” said Brian Willard, co-founder and CEO of Tracwire, Inc., who also happens to be an active Police Officer. “We saw what was available to agencies across the country and knew we could do it more intelligently.”

But, the founders knew it had to do more than that; by studying the way agencies use data, Tracwire’s design team threw out the old way of addressing this issue and put a lot of time into thinking about what information is relevant to public safety agencies. “When we looked for a solution for our agency, we found software that was old, deprecated, and cumbersome to use,” said Brian “We set out to design smarter software. We utilized design thinking to build our Recruit Management Software™, and wanted it to be both simple and insightful; we’ve accomplished that.” Brian, along with his partners, has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience as police officers and field training officers, as well as decades of full-stack software development.

Tracwire’s Recruit Management Software™ gives law enforcement agencies a highly customizable, affordable software solution. It not only documents recruit performance in a complete, accurate, and secure way; it also provides powerful tools to analyze recruit performance, allowing you to identify issues fast and develop a training plan. To get more information about Tracwire’s Recruit Management Software™ visit Tracwire’s website at https://www.tracwire.com/

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Tracwire is a modern, instinctive platform built for public safety agencies. Using a cloud-native architecture, we developed our intuitive software to let you focus on what matters most, training recruits. Tracwire gives agencies the technology foundation they need to train recruits consistently and accurately. Founded by Police Officers, Field Training Officers, and a forward-thinking modern development team Tracwire is proven, tested, and supported in public safety agencies of all sizes.

Have a question? Contact us for media or other inquiries: info@tracwire.com

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